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Over time, blinds gather dust and grime and become stained and dirty from airborne pollutants. Dirty blinds affect the beauty of your home and the professional look of your office. They also trap allergens and may cause discomfort to your family or visitors, customers or employees. Blinds are also notoriously difficult to clean. Whether you clean them with a duster or a damp cloth, or take them down to wash them in the tub, they never seem to get thoroughly cleaned.

EMF Ultra Services saves you the time and hassle of cleaning your blinds. EMF Ultra Services utilizes the Ultrasonic Cleaning System, which thoroughly cleans your blinds, cords and all, without scratching or damaging them.


If your blinds need repairs, don't throw them away. EMF Ultra Services provides repair services to make your blinds good as new, potentially saving you the cost of replacing them with expensive new blinds. We can replace missing parts and fix blinds that need mechanical repairs.

We can:


EMF Ultra Services cleans and repairs all types of blinds, including:

Mini blinds Wooden blinds Honeycomb shades
Vertical blinds Fabric blinds Faux-wood shades
Micro-minis Duette shades Silhouette shades

EMF Ultra Services is a full-service company. From taking down your blinds, cleaning and repairing them, and delivering them good as new and reinstalling them, we will do it all from start to finish.

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